Royce Farms BBQ

We supply a very unique product. A product seldom found in this part of the country. BBQ Catering Cooking — good barbeque involves a lot of time, patience and good old fashioned hard work.

We cook our barbeque slow and easy using only seasoned hardwood to fuel the fires. Tri-tip, ribs, steak, and chicken are Royce Farms traditions and specialties. Our brisket spends up to sixteen hours in the pit where it’s transformed from a tough cut of beef into something so tender and delicious it’s hard to describe.

We run a clean, neat, organized professional operation, again something not normally associated with barbeque or catering for that matter.

We know what we are doing! After 20 years, we have gained enough experience to handle almost anything that comes our way; large groups, bad weather, last minute changes, equipment breakdowns, we take it all in stride.

We offer two types of catering services:

Complete On-site Catering Service:   This service is best for larger groups of 199 or more quests. We are very, very good at what we do. The customer’s worries are over when they contact Royce Farms for the job! They simply say where, when, and what they want to serve and we take it from there.

Pick-Up Catering Services:  This service is best for smaller groups of 100 or fewer guests. The customer picks up their order at our facility and takes care of setup, serving, and clean up. This is a more economical service, making it the ideal solution when price is a consideration, but high-quality food is still desired!

Let Royce Farms BBQ cater your next event.

  • We have over 20 years of experience catering.
  • We are mobile and capable of coming to your business or event.
  • We also have a banquet room to cater parties up to 50.

Call us for any event, we have the capability of tailoring our BBQ to your needs.

The menu and prices listed below include your choice of one side dish, green salad, bread, butter, soft drinks or tea and coffee. (Beer, wine and dessert can be provided at an additional cost.) All meals are served buffet style.

Menu And Prices

    • BBQ Tri-Tip $14.00 per person
    • BBQ Tri-Tip and Chicken $17.00 per person
    • BBQ Chicken Breast $14.00 per person
    • BBQ Ribs and Tri-Tip $18.00 per person
    • 14 oz. New York Steak $19.50 per person
    • Boneless Prime Rib $21.50 per person
    • Mesquite Smoked Salmon $18.00 per person
    • Mixed Sausage Appetizer Add $2.00 per person

**Tax and Tip NOT Included

    • Potatoes: Baked Potato, Mashed Potatoes or Roasted Red Potatoes
    • Pasta: House Made Pesto or Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce
    • Rice Pilaf
    • Baked Beans or Chili Beans
    • Potato or Macaroni Salad
    • Additional Side Dish $2.00 per person
    • Tri-Tip Sandwich
    • Chili Beans, Green Salad, Soda, and Condiments $12.00 per person
    • Plates, Napkins, Forks, Spoons, Knifes will be provided