Royce Farms originated in 1939, when Warren and Sylvia Royce began farming. They farmed several locations in the Delta, raising sugar beets and corn until 1950,l when they added potatoes to their crops.

In 1989, Warren and Sylvia’s youngest son, Sandy, and his son (their grandson), Dave, began farming everything they needed for their own fruit stand and for the Farmer’s Market. Dave managed the fruit stand and the Farmer’s Market operation while Sandy grew the crops. Royce Farms fruit stand on Highway 12 in Lodi became popular throughout the County when they began having a car “cruise- in” and barbecue every Friday evening. It was a very successful event and became one of the largest in the area. Eventually, they moved to Farmington and opened another establishment.

Our excellent barbecue became so famous that we started catering for large events around the country. We have catered events for as many as 8000 people and are known for our specialties around the country.

A lifelong dream was realized when we opened this restaurant serving all our barbecue specialties including tri-tip, ribs, chicken and pulled pork and hosting car shows once a week. My wife, Lori will make sure everything is kept in order. We have two children, son, David Jr., and daughter, Hailei, who will be helping around Royce Farms in no time. As always, we take great pleasure in making sure our customers are served to their liking and that, when you leave, you are full.

Royce Farms BBQ